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soulofw0lf a posted Dec 15, 13

Welcome to Skykipz Guilds. A multiplayer survival pvp based game mode. 

Brandondoesminecraftalsosky sky mudkip plz help
Brandondoesminecraftalsosky how do i start playing
MackenzieG Hey guys, I'm a noob at this. Can I get help?
zorkiezthis server is no longer skykipz it is [link]
Please switch to [link] for the new web page for the forums, server updates, and shops
skykipz has reached a new record of 9000 registered users today!
emandemz , irritatingperson and AmazingDragons joined skykipz
KIDCOLE121 , bmoregotswagg , reddatt4 , budderlord231 and Ace9020 joined skykipz
bmoregotswaggHow do i play?
reddatt4How do play it
reddatt4How do u play this
Bannerchick and rockinawsome joined skykipz
EndofEndhow do I make a leader and rank?
neonducky11 , gajval and SprinkleOreos joined skykipz
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